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Welcome to VanLifeStyle. My name is Patrick and I have been learning about RV’s since 2012, compiling over 200 pages and counting of research trying to immerse myself in this fascinating industry!

As an interim step, I have been living in my car since October 2021 to experience a more “Cramped” version of full-time VanLife and in the near future, will be upgrading to a van.

This venture is inspired by the incredible versatility of modern vans. They allow you to work, live and play. VanLifeStyle pays homage to those adventurous souls by acknowledging and celebrating their trend-setting ways, seeking new and memorable experiences wherever they go. It’s streetwear with an attitude; a pinch of humor, a dash of moxie and a bit of quirkiness!

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The definition of and the word, VAN, a medium to large-sized motor vehicle with a boxy shape and high roof, used for transporting goods or passengers, is a contraction derived from CARAVAN, a vehicle equipped for living in, typically a trailer towed by a car and used for recreational travel

America’s first type of van, a Conestoga wagon was over 300 years ago in 1717

Covered wagons including Conestoga Wagons and Prairie Schooners, helped the Pioneers settle the American West in the mid 1800’s and were pulled by teams of draft horses and ox’s

Germany’s Mercedes-Benz built the 1st motorized van in 1896

America’s 1st motorized van was called the Tatra 12 Van and originally built in 1920

The iconic VW Microbus was introduced in 1950 and gained popularity in America in the ‘60’s with the counterculture Hippies, Surfer Dudes and even families. The epicenter then as it is now, is California.

The modern VanLife phenomenon started in October 2011 when Foster Huntington, who lived in such a vehicle for 3 years, used the Instagram tag #VanLife with the now famous and memorable phrase, “Home is Where You Park It”

The 2020 movie, Nomadland, based on the book by the same name, about van dwelling and working on the road, won 33 international film awards including 3 Academy Awards (Oscars)

Electric: A 2022 Ford E-Transit goes on sale in late 2021 and VW Microbus is coming in 2023. Others are in the works with Amazon already delivering in Rivian electric vans in some USA cities in 2021.

As of 7/21:
There are well over 10 million Instagram posts with the tag #VanLife
There are ~ 240 custom campervan conversion companies in North America

Ford Transit is the best-selling van in America but the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, might be the most popular conversion vehicle amongst professional upfitters

Van conversions are a subset of the RV Motorhome classification, labeled as either a:

Class B - is built in the existing factory shell

Class B+ - is built on a cargo van chassis with an aftermarket wider / taller / longer shell attached to it

This is not a fad or even a trend. This is now mainstream, firmly entrenched in America’s culture and popular in several countries. It’s a new way of living that is here to stay and is a cousin to the Tiny- Home movement! Adapt. Evolve. Thrive.

Thank you for your interest in VanLifeStyle!

Patrick O’Flaherty
Tempe, AZ

Regine Bolanos
Operations Director
Alfonso, Philippines

Graphic Design Team:
AceAus Designs
Sara Hafeez - Melbourne Australia
Saima Rehan - Pakistan
Maryam Shan - Pakistan


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